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ERC – Emise Redukce Concepty s.r.o.

We have become one of the leading companies in the denitrification field of combustion plants (improved combustion processes with lower emissions) in Czech and Slovak Republic market.

Our company has a wide range of technologies and know-how for comprehensive solution to greening (especially the reduction of nitrogen oxides – NOx in the flue gas) and economization of the combustion plants.



We offer two basic option for emission reducing:

  • Primary measures – adjustment of the fuel a combustion plant before its combustion
    ERC – process additives (additives)- we produce special additives for liquid and solid fuels, which are intended for:
    • improve combustion
      • reducing SO3, corrosion, deposits on heat transfer surfaces


    • NOX reduction.


  • Secondary measures – reducing the concentration of pollutants in the environment, generated during the combustion process
    ERC – denitrification system (DeNOX) – We design and produce products for flue gas denitrification using following methods: 




New managing director

Company ERC Emise Redukce Concepty s.r.o. has a new managing director from 1st April 2020. New managing director is Dipl. Ing. Zoltán Teuber, who assumes responsibility for the company's operational management ...
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New web – testing process

And here it is ... ERC finally has a new website (CZ version). We hope you will enjoy looking at the information covered on the site and we would welcome any comments ...
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